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8-Month Travel Blog Income Report & How We Earned $735.31

August 18, 2019

Curious as to what a travel blog income report looks like after only 8 months of blogging? Well, I’m happy to say that you’ve landed in the right place!

The following paragraphs contain my detailed 8-month blog income report that maps out exactly how I began to monetize my blog, Travel With A Plan.

Having had no previous blogging experience prior to starting my blog, I am quite proud of how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. As you know, success does not happen overnight in the blogging world, and in fact, it is darn hard work.

Stick around to the end of this blog income report to learn each and every self-taught strategy that has gotten me to this point.

Why am I sharing my travel blog income report?

I have only been writing and building traffic for my blog for the past 8 months.

In addition, I had no previous blogging experience, and like many of you, have a full-time job separate from blogging.

Since day one, I have been keeping an online diary of my blog growth in order to help and encourage new bloggers who are wondering what to expect as the months of hard work rage on.

Creating this 8-month blog income report helps me to reflect on my goals and whether or not I am achieving them.

In other words, it holds me accountable and helps remind me of why I started a blog in the first place.

In the spirit of transparency and in helping others who are in the same (new blogger) shoes, my diary is in the form of this blog post.

The numbers are real and not fabricated, and like you, I continue to work hard at this every single day.

My hope is that you will find encouragement in my strategies and progress.

Or perhaps you’ll leave feeling really good because your new blog is crushing my stats!

Travel Blog Income Report: 8-Month Site Stats

It’s incredibly important to understand that when it comes to blogging, your earnings are almost all based on the amount of traffic that you’re generating to your website.

In other words, blog income is directly related to how many people are visiting your website.

More visitors = more pageviews = more sessions = more income

Fewer visitors = fewer pageviews = fewer sessions = less income

Before you can understand how I earned 8 months worth of travel blog income, you must first take note of my monthly traffic.

  • Pageviews: 15,596
  • Sessions: 11,212

The graph below depicts my blog growth from 1,658 pageviews/mo. in the third month of blogging to 15,596 pageview/mo. by the eighth month.

This an increase of 19860.26% since first starting my blog!

Top US Travel Blog, Travel With A Plan features the blog income report for Month 1-8

Travel Blog Income Report: Earnings

Having started my blog from scratch with no idea how to make money as a new blogger, my first-month blogging income report of $0 did not surprise me.

Upon studying how bloggers get paid, however, I began to consider the following passive blog income strategies.

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate sales
  • Sponsored posts/Brand sponsorships
  • Curated content
  • Paid writing
  • The value of free products

By the third month of blogging, some of these efforts paid off, as my month 3 blog income report was a whopping $13.33!

Five months later, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel!

Here is the breakdown of my blog income after 8 months of blogging:

  • Google Adsense (advertising): $66.98
  • Amazon Affiliates (affiliate sales): $144.54
  • (affiliate sales): $6.78
  • CJ Affiliates (affiliate sales): $0.51
  • Paid writing: $495.00
  • Free product value: $21.50

Total blog income after 8 months of blogging: $735.31

Income boosting tip: One of the ways that I jump-started my income was to start writing paid posts for a much more successful blogger.

She reached out to me through a common Facebook group and I attempt to write 2 paid blog posts a month for her website, as this is guaranteed income for me.

Travel Blog Income Report: Traffic sources

At the time of this 8-month travel blog income report, 94% of my site traffic is generated from my social media channels with only 6% being organic traffic from a Google search.

This is a statistic that I hope to change, as every blogger should strive to increase organic traffic to their site through search engine optimization (SEO).


Search engine optimization is a piece of important blogging terminology that is essential for growth and monetization.

In addition, SEO is a task that a blogger must focus on and continue to build off of with every single post.

In terms of SEO-based optimal keywords and meta descriptions, I continue to use the Yoast SEO plug-in to achieve the ‘green-light’ in these areas.

Despite several recommendations to use a keyword research tool, after only 8 months of blogging, I have yet to invest time and/or money into getting one.

SEO planning tip: According to Yoast, no blog post should be under 300 words in length.

Further, blog posts with 1000+ words rank best for SEO.

Longer posts ranging from 2,400-3,000 get the added benefits of more shares and increased reader engagement. In fact:

“According to research done by popular blogging platform, Medium, the ideal lengthfor blog posts is 1,600 words (or seven minutes of reading).

WESFED Web Development

The icon that will lead you to find your blog post word count is the circled lower case letter “i” at the top of your post editing page. See the screenshot below.

Screenshot of where to find blog post Word Count in wanting to make money as a new blogger

You can learn more about blog post SEO here.

Travel Blog Income Report: Hosting

I continue to use and recommend Bluehost as my WordPress hosting service.

Not only is the $3.95/month pleasing to my beginner-blogger budget, but their customer service in dealing with newbies like me totally rocks!

Having had no previous web development or design experience prior to Travel With A Plan, I have called the 24/7 U.S. based customer support line for help several different times.

They have remedied every issue within minutes and have never tried to up-sell me any additional features or services.

If you haven’t already, explore their amazing services here today!

Blog Posts

I continue to focus on writing 1 new high-quality blog post each week.

If I’m on a roll, or my mind is filled with creative juices, I have had weeks where I’ve I’ve written 2 or 3 high-quality blog posts.

After 8 months of starting my blog, I have 42 published blog posts (foundational content) and several static pages (filler content).

Quality writing

I continue to use Grammarly as my #1 editing tool while writing each post.

Grammarly is an online grammar and spell checker, as well as a plagiarism detector.

Grammarly is super easy to use and install and gives me major peace-of-mind knowing that my posts check out good with the grammar police.

If you haven’t already done so, download Grammarly for free today!

Travel Blog Income Report: Domain Authority

Domain authority (DA) is something that I really started focusing on during months 3 – 8.

Your blog’s DA is a measure of how well your website is likely to perform in search engine results. Basically, it’s a search engine ranking score developed to give an overview of likely site performance.

A higher domain authority equals a better chance of your site showing up in a search engine.

For the purposes of this 8-month blog report, my DA is currently 18.

To check your site’s domain authority, or the domain authority of any website, use this DA checker.

The main strategy that I focus on to increase my site’s DA is to guest post on other blogs with a high DA (in the 30s or 40s).

I also reach out to bloggers with a high DA to see if I can insert 1-2 relevant links of theirs into my blog posts in return for them linking to one of mine.

I use Facebook messenger for communicating with bloggers with whom I do not know.

Visit here to learn more about how to improve your domain authority.


In terms of using social media to drive traffic to my site, I continue to use Pinterest as my primary social channel.

Pinterest continues to be ranked as the best social media platform for bloggers for a few different reasons.

First, unlike Twitter or Instagram, your content has a long lifespan as your pins can go viral days, weeks, or even a few months later.

Second, you can rank on Pinterest just like for Google by optimizing your pins and boards using keywords.

You don’t need to have a huge number of followers. Anyone can find if you connect them to your content by using keywords.

Here is a look at my Pinterest follower growth from 0 – 8 months of pinning.

I consistently pin 40 times per day by using the Tailwind scheduling tool.

8 months into blogging I now pin approximately 25% of other people’s pins, and 75% of my own pins.

Top US Travel Blog, Travel With A Plan features the blog income report for Month 1-8

In review: I went from 29 Pinterest followers my first month, to 532 followers my third month, and have 1,500 followers at the time of this 8-month blog report.

This is a growth increase of 5072.41%

Upon month 3 my Pinterest monthly views were 109,344 and are 685,300 at this time of writing this report.

Pinterest planning tip: Pinterest growth happens from pinning and re-pinning high volumes of high-quality pins on a daily basis.

This takes hard work and dedication.

Pinterest growth also happens by following others and by joining group boards within your niche.


I use Canva to create 3 – 4 different pins for each blog post that I write.

I start with making 1 pin that I insert at the bottom of each post, and then circle back and create additional pins a few weeks after the post goes live.

Creating multiple pins is recommended because different colors and layouts will appeal to different viewers.  Having multiple pin images not only improves your reach but your SEO for Pinterest.

Pinterest pin planning tip: In the first 6 months of blogging I did not have time to focus on creating a common look to my pins. Instead, I just made each pin one by one, and they all looked different.

Upon the recommendation of successful bloggers, I now have a pin look and layout that I use consistently throughout my pins. This is recommended as a means to brand yourself and become recognizable.

I did not focus on this branding practice until month 7 of blogging.

You can see my pin colors and theme here.


Being that I have a full-time job outside of blogging, it is unreasonable to think that I can be pinning consistently at all hours of the day as the algorithm suggests.

Further, the suggested amount of pinning and re-pinning is where the recommendations get a little hard for me to pinpoint.

I absolutely, 100% rely on the scheduling tool Tailwind as my one-and-only Pinterest scheduling tool.

Each morning while I drink my coffee I sit at my kitchen island and make sure that my Tailwind queue is filled with the 40 pins that I want to go out that day.

And then, just like that, done!

Tailwind planning tip:  After using the free version for 2 weeks, I quickly realized how essential Tailwind is in my Pinterest success.

I continue to belong to the Blogger Plus Plan for $9.99 a month and absolutely love it!

Additional social channels

Upon continuing to grow my blog during the months of 3 – 8, I signed up for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which are all accounts that I did not have previously.

I am by no means an expert at any of these social channels, but I strive to grow my followers in order to be more appealing to working with brands.

Travel Blog Income Report: Month 8-12 goals

  • Create a media kit
  • Create a monthly newsletter
  • Continue to write 1 – 2 quality blog posts per week
  • Work to achieve 25,000 pageviews/sessions a month
  • Learn more about my social media channels and increase followers
  • Work with brands on product promotions
  • Be offered (hosted) free travel and attractions
  • Increase my monthly blog revenue by 100%

What specific strategies are you using to increase your site’s pageviews? I’d love for you to comment below!


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Click here to read exactly how top U.S. family travel blog Travel With A Plan, made their first $700 in this blog income report! #blogincomereport #blogincome #makemoneyblogging #howtomakemoneyblogging #bloggingadvice #bloggingtips #beginnerblogger #firsttimeblogging #howtostartablog #blogstartup #Blogincome #travelwithaplan

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