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If you’re a woman, man, or family on the go, you know the importance of having good, reliable, go-to travel bags. Whether it’s an overnight stop, a weekend getaway, or an extended vacation, the need for affordable travel bags and accessories is of the utmost importance when it comes time to pack and jet out the door.

In this post, I’m going to cover why Simplily Co.’s stylish line of the best affordable travel bags and accessories are my new favorite. And why they should be your new favorites too!

When I first came across Simplily Co. products on the Internet it was their classy black and white color scheme that first caught my eye. After clicking on a link to discover more about the products – wow! The price! They are actually affordable. And the functionality? They thought of everything! Finally, upon being able to touch and then use them first-hand, I am able to personally attest to their 5-star reviews.

Quite simply, Simplily Co. has the best affordable travel bags and accessories that I know you are going to love!

A huge thank-you to Simplily Co. for gifting me the products that I will highlight in this post. Thanks also to Amazon for featuring their products and for being able to ship them free and lightning-fast right to your front door as an Amazon Prime member. This post contains Amazon affiliate links from which I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions mentioned are my own.

Simplily Co. – The Brand

Who doesn’t love a travel company whose products were designed to solve the problems of space, organization, and weight concerns unique to female travelers? Likewise, with a focus on affordability, attractive styling, and logically organized interiors, Simplily Co. products are a force to be reckoned with.

Simplily Co. (pronounced SIMP-LILY-CO) is a Southern California boutique manufacturer that was started by a female engineer. A beautiful pairing of the words “Simple” and “Lily” (the name of the founder’s niece) came together to brand this creative flagship company.

Their integrity is rooted in the following:

  • Well-engineered products
  • Functional and lightweight design
  • Free shipping on all US orders greater than $25
  • 24/7 customer support with a response time of less than 48 hours
  • 30-day return policy
  • 100% payment security

Added bonus: All Simplily Co. bags are sized to be considered as a personal item or carry-on to ensure convenient air travel.

Let’s get started in discovering their products!

Large Travel Weekender – 16 inch

My first impression of the Large Travel Weekender was, “Wow! This bag is an awesome size to fit plenty of stuff, but it is lightweight and not too bulky.” On the other hand, saying that I am in love with the black quilted design and styling of the Weekend Traveler would be an understatement. This bag is a head-turner in the airport, for which I get several compliments each time I use it.


Designed to be a travel bag for flying that can be used as a gym, over-nighter, or weekender bag, the functionality of the adjustable shoulder strap and pockets make its convenience off the charts.

Its large front exterior pocket and interior sleeves and inner pocket provide the perfect home for keys, Smartphones, travel notes, and headphones. Likewise, there is a detachable tablet sleeve (padded) that is designed to fit most tablets and laptops 12.9″ or smaller.

Last, the back trolley sleeve that slips over a rolling wheeled luggage handle makes it perfectly portable.

For a base price of $42.95 the Simplily Co. Large Travel Weekender will become your go-to travel bag to be used as a carry-on or for a 2 – 3-night getaway or business trip.

My top 3 favorite traits of the Simplily Co. Large Travel Weekender:

  • Attractive
  • Roomy
  • Pockets!

Note: Available in 3 different patterns.

Compact Travel Organizer Bag – Packing cube

Any travel blogger, or traveler in general, will likely tell you about the revolutionary conveniences of using packing cubes. The Simplily Co. packing cube is so much more than meets the eye, however. This compact packing gem is literally a ‘mini suitcase’ that securely fits a couple of outfits and includes 2 zippered interior pockets. In a nutshell, no more wrinkled clothing, and no more items sloshing around in your suitcase to become lost and out of order.


The elastic straps in the Simplily Co. Compact Travel Organizer Bag keep clothes and belongings neat and in place. Its vinyl exterior allows you to see into the cube to visualize its components as well as clean it down when necessary. This travel organizer was specially engineered with durability in mind to allow it to withstand extended use.

Get your Compact Travel Organizer Bag for a base price of $21.99 and don’t regret it for one second!

My top 3 favorite traits of the Simplily Co. Compact Travel Organizer Bag:

  • Sturdiness
  • Interior elastic straps
  • Interior vinyl, see-through pockets

Note: Available in 2 different patterns.

Multi-functional Backpack and Clutch Purse Set

I feel like a Boss Mom with my new Simplily Co. backpack! Who doesn’t need a stylish backpack for all of your grab-and-go essentials in a color scheme that actually matches your outfit? Long gone are the days of tightly stuffing as much as I can into my purse; notebooks, snacks, books, carry-on items etc. and having to rummage around for them later. Instead, I’m sporting my new black quilted Simplily Co. Multi-Functional Backpack that’s just as awesome as it looks!


The Simplily Co. multi-functional backpack meets airline maximum requirements to be stored under the seat in front of you. Its back sleeve slips over a rolling carry-on handle, and also has a large exterior zippered pocket in the back. I love the two exterior side pockets that are perfect for water bottles, and once again the black quilted pattern cannot be beat!

My top 3 favorite traits of the Multi-functional Backpack & Clutch Set:

  • Stylish (major cuteness factor!)
  • Interior clip to keep track of keys
  • Exterior back zippered-pocket with earphone port

Hanging Travel Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag

“Sorry necklaces, but you will never get tangled again! And, you’ll be displayed perfectly next to your matching earrings while hanging safely next to your coordinating outfit.” …I was just telling my jewelry about their new digs in the Simplily Co. Hanging Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag! With its 3 earring and 3 necklace pockets, this travel accessory will be coming with me on every trip from here on out! My jewelry says, “Thank you!”, and so will yours!


Small enough to fit into your purse, the Simplily Co. Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag will hang, store, and separate your favorite non-bulky jewelry pieces. Its zippered compartments keep your products from tangling, while the clear pockets allow you to visualize its components. The hanging hook is the perfect accessory to safely hang this jewelry organizer on a shower rod or towel rack.

Just like its perfect size, the Hanging Travel Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag is available for the perfect price of $9.95.

My top 3 favorite traits of the Hanging Travel Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag:

  • A convenient size for a carry-on suitcase or weekender bag
  • See-through zippered pockets
  • Hanging clip

Note: Only available in paisley print.

Shoe Organizer Bag

9 times out of 10, traveling involves me swimming with my kids in a pool, lake, or ocean. Before our return trip home I am always scrambling to find a plastic bag to store my damp swimsuit in. What I love about the Simplily Co. Shoe Organizer Bag is that it doubles as a waterproof laundry bag and solves this exact problem! Not only can I keep a few pairs of shoes protected in this bag, but I can use it for soiled clothing or laundry on a return trip home.


The dual purpose, dual compartment Simplily Co. Shoe Organizer Bag is available for the amazingly affordable price of $12.95.

My top 3 favorite traits of the Shoe Organizer are:

  • Mesh pocket to create two separate compartments
  • Vinyl window to see what’s inside of the bag
  • Drawstring closure

Note: Available in 2 different patterns.

Other Simplily Co. products

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