10 Tips For Planning An 

Epic Family Road Trip

Road Trip Snacks

Pack plenty of mess-free snacks and drinks in individual portions. Having a pre-planned road trip food list is my top tip when planning a family road trip.

Make each child their own family road trip activity bag. For extra long road trips, I love making a three-prong folder filled with fun printable travel journals, and road trip games.


For family road trips lasting longer than 10 hours, consider an early-morning wake-up call versus traveling throughout the night.

Leave Early

Compile your family’s favorite songs onto a family road trip CD or playlist. Get the whole family involved in choosing their favorite songs.

Make a Playlist

Be prepared for car sickness by having saltine crackers and motion sickness medicine on hand. Ensure that the vehicle’s spare tire is intact and that you have emergency contact numbers.

Be Prepared

If you have an overnight stop(s) en route to your final destination, pack a small overnight bag. Include just the clothes and toiletries that are needed for that stop alone.

Pack An Overnight Bag

The perfect solution to keep boredom at bay in your school-aged kids is to give them secret goodies bags that you have prepared ahead of time.

Save Some Surprises

- Find alternatives to fast food

More Tips

- Don't overload on electronics

- Plan your stretch breaks ahead of time and take turns driving

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