All-Inclusive Vacation

how to plan a family

Planning 6 Months In Advance

Now's the time to consider the various vacation options - what activities you'd like to do, what sort of resort you'd like to visit, and the implications if you're considering international travel.

Which resort you choose will come down to five main factors: location, beach, food, activities, and overall ambiance. Now is the time to also apply for your passports.

Choose A Resort 6 Months In Advance

My top tip when booking flights is to book a non-stop flight or one with the fewest amount of stops. Also arrange transport from the airport to your final destination.

Book Your Flights 6 Months In Advance

Research the resort you'll be visiting and prepare your kids for any cultural differences they might experience in a new country.  Time to also purchase travel essentials.

Research & Prepare 1-3 Months In Advance

Pack at least one semi-formal outfit as many resorts have evening dining dress-code.  Makes copies of your passports and prepare your home.

Begin Packing 1 Week In Advance

Check what the weather will be like while you travel. Inform your credit card company that you will be traveling and review any airport security procedures.

Final Preparations 3 Days In Advance

Arrive At Your Destination

Relax, have fun, and marvel in the many benefits of family travel, many of which are unexpected.

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