Our Epic Cabin Packing List

Campfire Supplies

Depending on your situation, you will need: - Firewood and fire starters  - Utility lighter - Sand to smother the fire - Shovel to dig a spot  -  Metal skewers for s’mores 

Clean Water And Water Bottles

You never know the water situation in a cabin and whether or not it is clean and good to drink. Consider bringing a large reusable water cooler, refillable water bottles, and a Lifestraw.

A Dependable Cooler

Chances are that there’s never going to be enough room in your cabin refrigerator (if it has one) for all of your food and beverages. This is why we always recommend bringing along a dependable cooler if you’re going to a cabin.

Bug Spray

Anytime that you’re visiting a cabin by the lake or in the woods, I recommend that you bring along an insect repellent that contains a minimum of 30% DEET. Remember to reapply every 8 hours for effectiveness.

A Flashlight

Bringing along a durable flashlight is important for both convenience and safety. Whether you’re headed out after nightfall for some stargazing, or if you happen to lose power, it’s always good to have a flashlight or two just in case.

What Food To Bring

If you are unsure of what is provided, add these items to your list: - Cooking oil - Basic spices - Aluminum foil - Bread and sandwich supplies - Raw meats - Easily portable snacks

Fun Things To Bring

- Lawn games  - Portable bluetooth speaker - Board games - Decks of cards and dice - Jigsaw puzzles -  Nerf guns -  Football/kickball -  Baseball glove and ball

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