Shelling beaches in florida

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This expert guide is filled with the best shelling beaches in Florida. Whether you’re a family of beginners or a group of experienced shell collectors, there are tips and suggestions for everyone on this list. 


Sanibel Island

The beaches of Sanibel Island are perhaps one of the best shelling spots not just in North America, but anywhere!


Captiva Island

Here you will find a greater variety of shells being deposited on the shoreline, (due to its positioning in the Gulf of Mexico), making Captiva Island a top contender as a shelling paradise!

Marco Island

On this island, you can collect everything from common sand dollars to the more coveted rare finds such as Junonia shells.



Shell Island

As the name suggests, this is one of the Florida beaches that is absolutely covered in shells - and there are so many different types to find. You could easily spend hours upon hours combing the shoreline and still have more to gather.


Caspersen Beach

The sand here is very fine and soft, making it easy to spot shells that have been recently deposited, and this beach tends to be a bit less crowded than some.

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