Perfect For Your First Visit 


Planning Your Visit

Study the best times to visit to avoid crowds and the heat.  Watch out for ticket deals and special offers and make a decision on where you'd like to stay during your visit.

Purchasing Tickets

Know your ticket options and buy them in advance.  Do you want to pay extra for a Universal Express Pass, which allows you to bypass the standard line at rides?

Arrival & Parking

Check theme park hours ahead of time and if you qualify for early park admission. Arrive early as it means shorter lines and more rides!

Touring Tips

Make use of the free Wi-Fi and bring your AAA card as many restaurants offer discounts. Understand the locker system as most rides don't allow personal belongings.

Rides & Shows

Visit the best rides early in the day to avoid long lines. Take advantage of the single rider line if you don't mind being split from your group, it moves much faster. Be prepared for motion sickness.

Food & Beverage

Bring your own water bottle to save buying bottled. Eat at the restaurants as the fun and unique food is part of the experience. Butterbeer comes in liquids and solids, we suggest trying them all!

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Head to Diagon Alley first or last - it gets busy! Exchange money for 'wizard currency' at Gringotts Money Exchange. Browse shops, especially Ollivander's Wand shop.

On-Site Hotel Perks

One of our best tips for visiting Universal Orlando is to stay on-site at one of the Universal Orlando Resorts. Along with their close proximity to the theme parks, there are many perks to staying on-site.

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