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You don’t need to wander far to seek beauty, relaxation, and fun in Napa! From the rolling hills to the charming streets filled with local artwork, Napa is the perfect aesthetic backdrop for your next vacation. And we’re going to make sure that you look the part! Dress to impress with our guide on what to wear in Napa Valley, California!

Wine Country Casual

In general, the dress code in Napa is referred to as “wine country casual.” In other words, people tend to dress nicely without going over the top.

Practical Dressing

For women, dresses, slacks, blouses, and appropriate footwear are typical – no flip-flops, and no high-heels if you’ll be walking through vineyards as the heels will sink in the soil.  Similarly, men will wear collared shirts, polos, slacks, and close-toed shoes.

The Right Denim

Jeans are also totally appropriate for most Napa venues, including wine tastings. Just remember to opt for a pair of dark-washed jeans without holes or distressing.

Activities To Pack For

Here’s a list of Napa activities that you’ll want to consider bringing outfits for: Formal Dining Winery Tours Sightseeing Outdoor Activities

Dress For The Weather

Depending on when you’re traveling, weather conditions range from bright sunny skies to chilly winter days. Include a series of light layers to help you navigate temperatures throughout the day.

Things To Do In Napa Besides Wine Tasting!

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