9 Must Have Essentials

Portable Phone Charger

 Disney World offers free wifi throughout its parks & along with the frequent use of your Smartphone to take photos and access Disney World apps this will be an important essential!

A perfect sized backpack

Bringing along a backpack to serve as a Disney World day bag is an absolute must! Take note that bags larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high are not allowed, however.

Rain ponchos for the entire family

Both kids and adults are susceptible to getting drenched during one of Florida’s frequent showers so be sure to include rain ponchos on your Disney packing list.

Comfortable walking shoes

According to friends and personal experience, plan to walk at least 10-12 miles on an average day at Disney. Every Disney packing list should include a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

Minnie Mouse Ears

One of the most forgotten Disney packing list items that visitors typically go on to purchase in the parks is an iconic pair of Minnie Mouse ears.

Touring  Plans

Disney touring plans and well-thought-out itineraries help to outsmart the crowds and get the most out of your experience. They are optimized and ordered so that walking and your waits in line are minimized.

Portable water bottle(s)

Cast members will provide free refills at quick service windows and there are multiple water filling stations located throughout the park as well.

Waterproof cell phone case

A Smartphone case of some sort is pretty much a must at Disney. Quite simply, you will need to protect your phone in case it gets either dropped or wet.

Cooling gadgets

Whether you bring along cooling towels, a handheld misting fan, a misting water bottle, or a standard cold pack, staying cool is essential.

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