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Disney Packing List: 9 Things You Can’t Forget to Bring to Disney World

October 12, 2019

Creating your Disney packing list is one of the most important steps that go into executing a successful Disney World vacation!

The following article outlines the list of the Top 9 Items that you absolutely cannot forget to bring with you to Disney World.

By referring to this Disney packing list as you prepare to visit the Most Magical Place on Earth, you will help ensure a more flawless and cost-effective Disney Vacation.

Look no further for the ultimate Disney packing list of the 9 most commonly forgotten items bring to Disney World! These packing reminders along with our other top-notch Disney tips, will help set your mind at ease!

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Disney Packing List: Commonly forgotten items

Portable phone charger

One of the first things that should be on your Disney packing list is purchasing and bringing along a portable phone charger.

A welcomed freebie, Disney World offers free wifi throughout its resorts and theme parks.

This convenience, along with the frequent use of your Smartphone to take photographs and access Disney World touring apps, will quickly drain your phone’s battery power.

Likewise, If you’re a Disney World first-timer, you may not realize how frequently you will access the My Disney Experience app.

The My Disney Experience app can be used to see attraction wait times, view parade and showtimes, find Character Greeting locations and times, as well as to make dining reservations and place mobile orders.

I highly suggest that you purchase and bring a portable phone charger as part of your Disney packing list!

It would be a huge loss to be without the use of your Smartphone for both making and capturing memories.

Our top picks are available for purchase right here:

A perfectly sized backpack

Bringing along a backpack to serve as a Disney World day bag is an absolute must!

Many people overlook the fact that there are several items that you are allowed to bring into the Disney parks. This includes food, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Being prepared with a backpack that contains some of the basics will help you tour more efficiently. It will also help you save money by not having to purchase essentials once inside the park.

Be sure that your Disney packing list includes a perfectly sized backpack that is large enough to hold all of your Disney day bag essentials.

Take note that bags larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high are not allowed, however.

Additional planning tip: Choose a backpack over a cross-body bag in order to disperse the contents’ weight evenly across your back.

Our top picks are available for purchase right here:

Rain ponchos for the entire family

Another one of the most forgotten items to bring to Disney World are rain ponchos for the entire family!

Both kids and adults are susceptible to getting drenched during one of Florida’s frequent and sporadic showers. For this reason, be sure to include rain ponchos on your Disney packing list.

Rain ponchos keep you dry during rain showers. They can also be used to protect your shoes and clothing on Disney’s water rides.

Many passengers opt to wear rain ponchos on both Kali River Rapids and Splash Mountain.

If you are touring the parks on multiple different days, simply hang up your rain ponchos to dry in your hotel overnight.

Rain ponchos can easily be reused.

Disney Packing List: Comfortable walking shoes

According to friends, family, and personal experience, plan to walk at least 10-12 miles on an average day at Disney.

Every Disney packing list should include a comfortable pair of walking shoes in order to survive walking these great lengths.

Don’t forget to bypass sandals and flips flops for comfortable sneakers or tennis shoes instead.

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Minnie Mouse ears

One of the most forgotten Disney packing list items that visitors typically go on to purchase in the parks is an iconic pair of Minnie Mouse ears.

Though you may not know this ahead of time, Minnie ears are an incredibly common item worn in the parks. In other words, you will definitely be tempted to join in on the Minne ears fun!

If you do not have Minnie ears ahead of time, you are more than likely going to end up purchasing them once there.

By using this suggest Disney packing list, however, you will save a considerable amount of money purchasing them ahead of time here.

Both kids and adults will love these affordable options from Amazon:

Disney Packing List: Touring plans

Another commonly forgotten item when undertaking a Disney World Vacation is bringing along park touring plans.

Disney touring plans and well-thought-out itineraries help to outsmart the crowds and get the most out of your experience. Expert touring plans are also optimized and ordered so that walking and your waits in line are minimized.

Our best Disney World touring plans to include in your Disney packing list can be found here:

Portable water bottle(s)

The easiest and most affordable way to stay hydrated in the parks is to bring your own water bottles. (There are multiple water stations located throughout the park that you can then use for refills.)

Bring along a portable water bottle that is not only reusable but keeps water cold for a long time.

Likewise, many Disney guests prefer water bottles with built-in water filters to purify the taste of the park’s water.

Here are some great choices to include on your packing list:

Waterproof cell phone case

A Smartphone case of some sort is pretty much a must at Disney.

Quite simply, you will need to protect your phone in case it gets either dropped or wet.

Though more and more phones feature significant water resistance, it’s still a good idea to bring along a waterproof case or lanyard to protect your tech gear on water rides.

Something as simple as a Ziplock bag will work, and most rides will provide them for free once inside the queue.

For the ultimate in water protection and convenience, however, I recommend adding a waterproof lanyard to your Disney packing list.

Often overlooked, a waterproof lanyard is a perfect solution for both transporting, protecting, and keeping your Smartphone dry.

Our top picks are available for purchase right here:

Cooling gadgets

If you’re visiting Disney World during months when temperatures are at their peak, your Disney packing list must include cooling gadgets.

Whether you bring along a Chilly Pad, Handheld fan, Misting water bottle, or standard cold pack, staying cool is essential.

Visitors often forget to bring cooling gadgets because they imagine that the heat will indeed be bearable.

Unfortunately, the Florida heat and humidity, along with Disney’s enormous crowds and miles of dark pavement, are both unexpected and exhausting. This is a fact about touring the Disney Parks that should not be overlooked in order to get maximum enjoyment from your vacation.

Additional planning tip: When waiting in lines for Magic Kingdom rides with toddlers, cooling gadgets are a great distraction to let toddlers play with while waiting.

It’s amazing how playing with water can entertain children – while keeping them cool in the meantime.

Our top picks for cooling gadgets are available for purchase right here:

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Top U.S. family travel blog Travel With A Plan helps complete your Disney packing list with these Top 9 Most Forgotten Items to bring to Disney World!  Get the ultimate Disney packing reminders here! #Disneypackinglist #ultimatedisneypackinglist #packinglistfordisney #packinglistfordisneyworld #thingstobringtoDisneyWorld #thingsforgottenwhenpacking #thingsyouneedforDisneyWorld #disneyworldpackinglist
Top U.S. family travel blog Travel With A Plan helps complete your Disney packing list with these Top 9 Most Forgotten Items to bring to Disney World!  Get the ultimate Disney packing reminders here! #Disneypackinglist #ultimatedisneypackinglist #packinglistfordisney #packinglistfordisneyworld #thingstobringtoDisneyWorld #thingsforgottenwhenpacking #thingsyouneedforDisneyWorld #waltdisneyworldpackinglist
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    October 24, 2019

    Buying mouse ears on Amazon before you go to Disney is a brilliant idea! My son could have cared less about mouse ears until we arrived at Disneyland (haven’t gone to Disney World yet) and he saw EVERYONE wearing them. He was suddenly dying to have a pair and they are so expensive if you buy them there. When we go to Disney world we will buy a pair before we leave and bring them. Thanks for the tip.

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      October 24, 2019

      Yay! I’m glad that you like this tip as much as I do! We had the exact same situation with our kids which is why every parent needs to know this ahead of time 🙂

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    October 15, 2019

    Great ideas! The portable phone charger is a must!

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      October 20, 2019

      Yes, it is! I bring a portable phone charger pretty much everywhere we travel now 🙂

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    Harmony, Momma To Go

    October 15, 2019

    Def bring those ponchos! Get them at the dollar store! I had not thought of a water proof cell phone case, great suggestion!

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      October 20, 2019

      Thanks! The dollar store has so many awesome travel essentials!


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