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Road Trip Activities for Toddlers | Best Products, Tips, and Hacks

October 24, 2019

Before dreading your upcoming family road trip, read here to find the absolute best road trip activities for toddlers to help keep them entertained while on the road.

The article will take a look at the best road trip activities for toddlers that range from independent play, media and music, parent involvement, and quiet time.

By using a combination of these activities and planning them out ahead of time, you are guaranteed to have a more happy and stress-free road trip with your toddler.

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Road Trip Activities For Toddlers

The infant phase is over, which means your little one is probably much more active and on-the-go.

Likewise, you can no longer count on them sleeping away an entire long haul road trip like they did when they were babies.

Before we get into the best road trip activities for toddlers, it will be helpful to review our top tips for mastering a family road trip!

Likewise, if your toddler is still rear-facing in his/her car seat, be sure to equip your vehicle with a crash-tested, shatterproof car mirror that can be used to keep your toddler in view.

If your toddler uses a pacifier, save yourself from having to strain to reach it should if fall from their mouth. Instead, you most definitely need to use a comfortable and washable pacifier clip to attach the pacifier to his/her clothing.

And last, if you happen to be taking a road trip during the process of potty training your toddler, the most essential item to bring along is a portable potty chair.

Select a travel potty chair that takes up minimal space and has an inner container that is easy to empty and clean.

By attending to these road trip basics, you are more likely to experience a successful, fun-filled family road trip!

Road Trip Activities for Toddlers: Independent play

Ideally, the majority of your child’s time during a road trip will be spent participating in independent play.

The reality is, however, that toddlers are not good at entertaining themselves, nor do they have a long attention span. In addition, toddlers are not used to being confined to their car seats for multiple hours on end.

These road trip activities for toddlers are the perfect solution to keeping your 1-4 year-olds engaged in independent play for as long as possible.

Be sure to keep the toys and activities stored out of sight from your child, and slowly introduce them one at a time.

In other words, do not give them a new toy or activity until boredom has struck or your child is no longer showing interest in the original activity given to them.

Here are my top picks for independent play road trip activities for toddlers. Selection criteria include:

  • Age-appropriate (1-4 years-old)
  • No small parts (choking hazard)
  • Fun and colorful
  • Lap size or smaller
  • Affordable and reusable

Books and Electronics

Along with independent play activities, books and electronics are another great way for toddlers to entertain themselves.

Though their use may require a little help from an older passenger, books and electronics can be used over and over again during a long haul road trip.

The best books for toddlers are board books or other books with thick pages that little fingers can turn.

Books with sound provide added excitement, while Seek-n-Find books will stimulate your toddler’s thinking and provide the most longevity.

Electronic media for toddlers, on the other hand, should be light, portable, age-appropriate, and not have any sharp edges.

It is best for your toddler to be somewhat familiar with how to use the device before expecting them to know how to use it in the car.

Not understanding how to use a hand-held electronic can lead to meltdowns and added stress.

Here are my top picks for books and electronics that make the best road trip activities for toddlers.



Additional toddler road trip tip: Though I am not a huge fan of giving my toddler my personal iPhone or tablet to use, they can definitely be used as a last resort.

Toddlers will be delightfully entertained by looking through photos or playing their favorite games or music on “mom’s” personal devices.

Get our ultimate list of the best Road Trip Activities for Toddlers!  We include ideas for independent play, parents involvement, quiet time, and much more!  These ideas will leave you smiling!  Family Road Trip Tips | Road Trip Activities for Kids | Road Trip Activities for Toddlers | Family Travel | Travel With Small Children  #travelwithaplan #roadtripactivities #roadtripactivitiesforpreschoolers #roadtriphacks

Movies and Music

Sometimes a little screen time is necessary for everyone’s sanity, especially if your road trip is longer than 2 hours.

In this instance, consider some screen time leniency and pop in a kid-friendly movie to pass the time away.

If your vehicle is not equipped with a built-in DVD player, purchase a portable DVD player(s) that can be mounted on the headrest facing your toddler.

Similarily, download movies and shows from Netflix to an iPad and strap it to the back of the headrest with an iPhone or tablet holder.

The only downside is making sure the iPad stays charged, so plan ahead by bringing along an extra-long charging cable.

Last, if you have a favorite kids’ CD or a music playlist on your phone, play some tunes and let the kids sing along.

Food and Drink

Though it may sound silly, allowing for plenty of ‘snacking’ is definitely one of the best road trip tips for babies and toddlers!

Unfortunately, finding the perfect snack for kids on a road trip can easily become a science. Road trip snacks have to be easily portable, not too messy, not too crumbly, and somewhat healthy.

Be sure to pack dried cereal or crackers in spill-free snack cups. Likewise, be sure that any liquids are in a spill-free sippy cup as well!

For some fun road trip surprises, consider buying spill-proof Good2Grow juices and squeezable yogurt, fruits, and veggies.

Visit here for a complete road trip food list that includes meal and snack ideas, as well as how to travel safely with food.

Additional toddler road trip tip: Put some Fruit Loops or Cheerios on a piece of string or yarn and make an edible necklace. When your toddler is bored and hungry this will be a fun and tasty surprise!

Road Trip Activities for Toddlers: Parent Involvement

One of the best-hidden blessings of a family road trip is the quality time that you can spend engaging with your toddler.

As you know, the absolute best way to keep them calm and content is to spend time interacting with them or simply smile at them and gaze into their eyes.

Fun activities with toddlers can include road trip word games like “I Spy”, “Make Me Laugh”, guessing games, and counting games.

In addition, singing songs, telling stories and jokes, and playing Peek-A-Boo are all excellent ways to engage with your toddler on a family road trip.

Road Trip Activities for Toddlers: Quiet Time

Let your toddler bring their favorite pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal on any road trip.

When it’s time for an afternoon nap, stop and have everyone go potty before helping them to get cozy and tucked in.

Limit noises from the radio and other conversations in order to establish that it is ‘quiet time’.

My favorite products to prevent your toddler’s head from bobbing while trying to sleep include a soft head strap, magnetic neck pillow, and pillows with neck support.

Any of these products will ensure a much more restful sleep when on the road.

Final Thoughts on Road Tripping with Toddlers

Along with activities, add car sickness to your list of things to plan for your road trip as it can happen any time, at any age.

Be prepared for car sickness by having saltine crackers and motion sickness medicine on hand.

If your toddler gets sick, have Ziplock bags readily available. In addition, pack paper towels to wipe their mouth, and a plastic grocery bag to tie up and dispose of everything in.

After the mess is cleaned up, wipe the surroundings down with antibacterial wipes. The fresh scent will be a welcomed bonus.

Family road trip tips featured by top US family travel blog, Travel with a Plan: image of Road trip sick bag essentials
Carsick and necessity basket

Additional toddler road trip tip: Keep a narrow basket between the two front seats of your vehicle. Place ‘urgent’ items such as Kleenex, car sick bags, wipes, and paper towels in this easily accessible container.

What are some of the road trip activities for toddlers that you rely on to survive a family road trip? Please share in the comments!


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Discoverr all of the fun and unique ways to keep your toddlers entertained while on a family road trip!  Our featured road trip activities for toddlers include independent play, books and electronics, snacks, and activities that include parent involvement!  Click here now for the answers you've been looking for!  #roadtripactivitiesfortoddlers #familyroadtrip #familyroadtripactivities #toddlerroadtripactivities
Discoverr all of the fun and unique ways to keep your toddlers entertained while on a family road trip!  Our featured road trip activities for toddlers include independent play, books and electronics, snacks, and activities that include parent involvement!  Click here now for the answers you've been looking for!  #roadtripactivitiesfortoddlers #familyroadtrip #familyroadtripactivities #toddlerroadtripactivities 
Want to keep your toddler content and happy during car rides?  Click here to find out best suggestions on road trip activities for toddlers!  These activities will wow you!  #roadtrip #toddlers #tipsfortravelingwithkids #roadtripactivities #toddleractivities #familyroadtrip #familytravel #roadtripgames
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    October 27, 2019

    So many great ideas! I love the storage basket idea. I may use this even though I have older kids!

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      Thanks! Yes, we use the ‘necessity’ basket with our older kids when we travel super long distances!

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    October 27, 2019

    What great tips! We have a road trip planned next year with a 7 year old and a 3 year old so this will be perfect! Quick question: what is a magnetic neck pillow? I always feel so sorry for my kids when their heads are all over the place when they try to sleep in the car.

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      October 28, 2019

      Thanks! A magnetic neck pillow is a regular neck pillow where the two ends can actually loosely ‘magnet’ together (to form a necklace). They work really well!


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