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Top 5 Fun Magic Kingdom Rides for Toddlers

November 8, 2019

This article will help you choose the best Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers and give you the encouragement that you need to plan an epic Magic Kingdom vacation with your toddler in tow!

Though planning a visit to Magic Kingdom may take a little more work considering that you have a toddler, there is much fun to be had nonetheless.

In fact, of all the Disney theme parks, Magic Kingdom has the most rides both geared explicitly for small children and aimed to include the whole family – including toddlers.

Of the 17 rides at Magic Kingdom that have no height requirements, here are my recommendations for the Top 5 Fun Magic Kingdom Rides for Toddlers!

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Magic Kingdom Rides For Toddlers

Any successful Disney World vacation with toddlers requires putting together a Magic Kingdom itinerary that will map out your park touring plan.

A pre-planned touring plan will prevent you from zig-zagging throughout the park and result in less walking for you and your little one.

Next, consider what rides are most appealing to you and your toddler and analyze their projected wait times.

By studying our list of the Magic Kingdom rides with the longest wait times, you’ll know what to expect as you approach each attraction.

Additional planning tip: We couldn’t limit our list to just 5! The Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers that receive our Runners-Up Award are listed at the end.

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Top 5 Magic Kingdom Rides for Toddlers

1. Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the original Disney World attractions and is also one of the best Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers!

The ride itself is a calm “flight” through the well-known story of Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, and the gang from Neverland.

Though the ride’s technology is undemanding and primarily consists of static figures, the nostalgia behind boarding the replica pirate ships and riding above the story of Peter Pan captivates guests of all ages.

In fact, Peter Pan’s Flight is known to accumulate a 60-minute wait upon park opening even on the slowest of days.

Because of its immense popularity, Peter Pan is one of the best rides to Fastpass at Magic Kingdom!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

2. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh makes the Top 5 list of the best Magic Kingdom for toddlers for its calmness and creativity.

It is a fun and whimsical dark ride that consists of a delightful jaunt through the world of Christopher Robin and his friends. While riding in a honey pot, riders are introduced to the characters and voices of Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and Pooh,

One of the coolest features of this ride is its interactive queue that helps to make waiting in line half-the-fun!

Designed to resemble the Hundred Acre Wood, the queue incorporates a playground complete with children’s games.

This thoughtful feature allows toddlers and other children to play while adults hold space in line.

3. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

No toddler’s visit to Magic Kingdom would be complete without an aerial spin on Dumbo The Flying Elephant.

One of three aerial carousels in Magic Kingdom, riders here hop aboard everybody’s favorite circus elephant, Dumbo! As soon as the organ melody begins, riders then lift off for a graceful, circling, aerial cruise.

Something that your toddler will love is that you can adjust the altitude during your flight. Individual controls inside of the elephant allow you to fly high or stay low throughout the duration of the ride.

Similar to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo also has a top-rated and interactive waiting queue.

Before your flight, toddlers can play in the air-conditioned children’s playgrounds designed for all ages.

You’ll be alerted when it’s time to board your flight!

Top 5 Fun Magic Kingdom Rides for Toddlers featured by top US family travel blog, Travel With a Plan: Under the Sea

4. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Another prototypical dark ride, kids get to sit in a seashell and be taken through the life-story of Ariel from Disney classic, The Little Mermaid.

As the theme music from the beloved movie plays, character appearances include Sebastian the crab, Flounder and Scuttle, and of course, Ariel and Prince Eric.

The most captivating moment from Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid is seeing 7.5 feet tall and 12 feet wide Ursula the sea witch.

Though most of the effects throughout this ride are simple, the brightly colored animatronic characters are what make it one of the best Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers.

In addition, the smooth and fluent ride is both relaxing and inviting as a means to get away from the bustling crowds outside.

5. It’s a Small World

It doesn’t get any more classic than this, but seriously, toddlers adore this Magic Kingdom Fantasyland ride!

Not only do small children love the idyllic song “It’s A Small World” playing, but the wide variety of vibrantly designed sets and singing dolls definitely hold their attention.

Likewise, toddlers are immersed into the fantasy-filled scenes by their bright, vivid colors.

‘It’s a small world’ is 10 minutes long and toddlers can sit on your lap, or sit next to you, and enjoy a break from the heat as the ride is fully air-conditioned.

Don’t pass up this whimsical boat ride, for it nostalgically ranks as a Magic Kingdom must-do, and as one of the best Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers!

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Magic Kingdom Rides for Toddlers: Runners-Up

6. Prince Charming Regal Carousel

Although the Prince Charming Regal Carousel is just a standard carousel, it is Disney World after all, and every toddler loves a carousel!

If nothing else, use this commonplace ride to ease your hesitant toddler into the idea of trying out new rides. It all starts with a carousel!

7. Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Another aerial spinner ride, Magic Carpets of Aladdin resembles Dumbo but has much shorter lines. Located in Adventureland, riders sit in 2 rows in magic carpets and fly around to fun music. 

Hop aboard a magic carpet with your toddler and soar to your heart’s content!

5. Mad Tea Party

Sometimes called the “Teacups” or the “Alice in Wonderland ride,” this attraction is well-known among generations of Magic Kingdom visitors.

Luckily for your toddler, guests individually control how much and how fast their teacup spins. Therefore, the ride can be as spinny, or as calm as desired.

9. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin is an interactive attraction for riders of all ages. Most toddlers won’t get satisfaction out of the game aspect of it as it is difficult even for adults to distinguish.

The appeal for toddlers, however, is the vibrant visuals, neon colors, and giant toy robots and animatronics.

Long waits typically ensue here, so if you are interested in this ride, check into obtaining a FastPass.

Top 5 Fun Magic Kingdom Rides for Toddlers featured by top US family travel blog, Travel With a Plan.

10. Enchanted Tales with Belle

If there are any Beauty and the Beast fans in your group, Enchanted Tales with Belle is a must-do!

Enchanted Tales With Belle is a character greeting with a bit of a twist.

Rather than just meeting and greeting Belle, visitors enter Beast’s Castle and put on a small performance of Beauty and the Beast for Belle.

11. Jungle Cruise

Located in Adventureland, Jungle Cruise is a fun and nostalgic ride through the animatronic jungles of Asia, Africa, and the Amazon.

Toddlers will not get the humor of the funny Jungle Cruise narrators, but the robotic animals and colorful setting will definitely hold their attention.

12. Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

By now you may be sick of waiting in lines with your toddler. They may also be in need of a nap. Head on over to ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover which is an open-air ride through Tomorrowland’s second floor.

This one-mile tour takes 10 minutes in a magnetically pulled car and there is never a wait to ride.

Disney Rider Switch

If you’ve exhausted your time hanging out on the toddler-friendly rides, Disney has an amazing opportunity for you to experience the bigger rides despite having a toddler in tow.

If a child does not meet the height requirement or a guest does not wish to board a particular attraction, the answer is Disney Rider Switch.

With Rider Switch, one adult can wait with the non-rider (or riders) while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. When the other adult returns, they can supervise the non-riding Guests, and the waiting adult can board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again.

With this list of the best rides for toddlers and an explanation of Rider Switch, you’re all set for a perfect day at the park!

Toddler Touring Essentials

Being prepared for Magic Kingdom with toddlers is only one piece of the puzzle when planning your magical Disney World Vacation.

When visiting Magic Kingdom with toddlers, it is also very important to have an adequately stocked Disney day bag that contains snacks, water, and other daily essentials to help keep your children calm and happy.

Likewise, double-check your Disney packing list to be sure that you have not left behind the top 9 most forgotten items.

What is your favorite Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers? Please let us all know in the comments!


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Discover the absolute best Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers from top US family travel blog, Travel With A Plan!  #Disney #familytravel
Discover the absolute best Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers!  Having an effective touring plan and ride strategy when traveling to Magic Kingdom with toddlers is essential in order to have a happy day at the park!  Get our great tips for Magic Kingdom in one day with toddlers here!  Disney Planning Tips | Best Rides at Magic Kingdom | Traveling with Toddlers#MagicKingdomwithtoddlers #MagicKingdomridesfortoddlers #MagicKingdomtipstoddlers #MagicKingdominonedaywithtoddlers #MagicKingdomschedulewithtoddlers
Discover the absolute best Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers!  Having an effective touring plan and ride strategy when traveling to Magic Kingdom with toddlers is essential in order to have a happy day at the park!  Get our great tips for Magic Kingdom in one day with toddlers here!  Disney Planning Tips | Best Rides at Magic Kingdom | Traveling with Toddlers#MagicKingdomwithtoddlers #MagicKingdomridesfortoddlers #MagicKingdomtipstoddlers #MagicKingdominonedaywithtoddlers #MagicKingdomschedulewithtoddlers
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    March 3, 2020

    Fantastic summary of toddler rides at Magic Kingdom. I wish I had this when my kid were younger!

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      March 4, 2020

      Thank you! They are definitely some family favorites that span the generations!!

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    March 2, 2020

    Great list of rides for toddlers! We love these all even now that our girls are 5&9!!!

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      I know, these are definitely 5 of the classics! I love how Disney brings out the ‘kid’ in all of us!

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    Harmony, Momma To Go

    March 2, 2020

    On my first WDW trip my daughter was 3. I do remember waiting in line for a LONG time to see anna and elsa (this was before frozen had an attraction in EPCOT) I cant even remember what else she liked. I feel like we rode the people mover a lot! Its fun to go at different ages so you can see them grow with the attractions

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      March 23, 2020

      The People Mover is a lifesaver when going to Disney World with small kids!

  4. Reply

    Lauren Stites

    March 2, 2020

    My kids loved all of these rides when they were little – and they still enjoy most of them now as “big” kids! Great list!

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      March 2, 2020

      Thank you! I remember the Peter Pan ride from when I was a little child and couldn’t wait to go on it again as an adult 🙂

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    March 1, 2020

    Oh how we loved these rides when my kids were little! As a matter of fact, my kids still love some of these rides as they’ve gotten older! But I will certainly pass on to my sister who still has toddlers! Great tips!

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      March 2, 2020

      Thank you! Yes, I think that’s the magic of Disney in that we are never too old to experience the rides that we loved (love) as kids!


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