10 Simple Travel Products: All For Less Than $30

I am not a fancy gadget person, especially when it comes to travel products.

Being a minimalist packer, I’d rather spend money on travel itself rather than always having the latest and greatest in popular travel gear.

With that said, there are 10 travel products that I absolutely cannot ‘travel’ without.

The conveniences that these products add to my packing, preparing, and traveling far outweigh their very lost cost.

Here is the Top 10 List of my favorite basic travel products that I personally own and use every single time that we travel.

If you don’t already have these travel gems, click on the shopping links as fast as your fingers will allow!

(The links on this page are Amazon affiliate links. If you click on the links and purchase them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

Top 10 Best Travel Products for your Next Family Vacation:

1.) Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are our ultimate favorite travel product! They completely revolutionalize the way that you travel.

If you are even remotely considering taking a family vacation that will require you to pack a suitcase, you absolutely must use packing cubes.

By using packing cubes, your family travel becomes instantly less stressful and more organized.

Your clothes…coordinated, accessible, and wrinkle-free. Pop them out of your suitcase and instantly transfer your clothes to a drawer.

Read more about my obsession with packing cubes here.

Now, not all packing cubes are created equal. Here are my favorites, of which I personally own.

2.) Family Passport Holder

Nothing will get your family vacation off to a better start than by being organized at the airport!

One of the ways to achieve such bliss is to have all of your family travel identification in one central location.

Family passport holders allow you to easily store and access each person’s passport.

The following passport holder holds both money and travel documents. It can hold up to 6 passports and has built-in RFID blocking material to protect your personal information.

Do not travel internationally without one of these babies.

3.) Travel Electronic Organizer

It can be very difficult to keep cords and chargers untangled and accounted for when traveling.

The solution to this problem is to purchase a travel electronic organizer.

This electronic organizer holds cables, chargers, earphones, and USB drives and is another one of our absolute favorite travel products.

3.) Sturdy Luggage Tags

In our early years of traveling, we would show up at the airport with multiple suitcases, each of which we had failed to ‘tag’ with our personal identification.

Long gone are the days of marking our suitcases with the free, flimsy luggage tags found in the airport check-in line.

I strongly encourage you to purchase these sturdy, reusable luggage tags. Simply fill out your personal information before heading to the airport, and never worry about having to properly ID your luggage again.

As an added bonus, use these tags as a way to identify your luggage when every other black suitcase is circling around baggage claim.

5.) Hand-Held Luggage Scale

Be sure to go online and check your airline’s baggage fees and associated weight restrictions for checked luggage.

One of annoyances that we absolutely avoid is having to deal with the unanticipated chaos of overweight checked luggage.

Once we have finished packing our suitcases at home, we always use a hand-held luggage scale to weigh the suitcase and its contents.

If each suitcase it within the airline’s weight restrictions, great!

If not, we disperse the weight before leaving home. This prevents us from getting charged additional fees or have to frantically move things around while in the airport check-in line.

The compact size of this scale allows you to bring it along on your trip and weigh your suitcases again before your return flight home.

6.) Sturdy Carry-On Tote

Having a sturdy and sizeable carry-on tote is essential in ensuring hassle-free family travel.

No one wants to be shopping for a reliable carry-on at the last minute while preparing for a family vacation.

I absolutely love this Thirty-one Cindy Tote for its perfect size and durable material. Those who know me know that I use this tote for both work and travel.

I would purchase it over-and-over again if I had to.

No affiliate link, just a great bag!

7.) Travel Pillow

I never imagined the comfort that a simple travel pillow could provide until I bought one for myself.

(Nor did I ever think I’d be blogging about one!)

Seriously though, to be able to rest your head comfortably while traveling is a huge bonus in the comfort and sleep department. For this reason, we use our travel pillows for both flights and long-haul road trips.

Not only do travel pillows allow those with neck pain to sit comfortably upright for longer periods of time, they provide extra comfort and support when reading a book or watching a movie in-route.

For maximum comfort, our entire tribe of 5 travels with a neck pillow. Get one for each member of your family here!

8.) Travel Size Convenience Kit

I strongly encourage the use of travel-size toiletries for two simple reasons.

If you take a short trip which only requires a carry-on suitcase, travel-size toiletries are required as they are TSA compliant.

If you plan to put your toiletries in your checked luggage, travel-size toiletries save a considerable amount of space and weight.

This 14 piece kit travel size convenience kit is both TSA compliant and contains absolutely all of the essentials you need when traveling.

9.) Cosmetic/Toiletry Train Case

I question if I ever truly traveled conveniently before I owned this large cosmetic train case.


This train case is the perfect solution to hold your toothbrush, deodorant, lotion, hair products, medications, and so much more. In addition, it will also fit beauty supplies such as a blow dryer, flat iron and/or curling iron.

It is the perfect shape and size to fit in the small rectangular area left inside of your suitcase after filling it with your clothes.

Likewise, it sits so nice and neat on the bathroom vanity in your hotel room for easy access to all of your goods!

10.) Magnetic Cell Phone Air Vent Mount

I discovered this magnetic cell phone air vent mount when on a girls’ trip with friends.

As we were getting set-up in a rental car to begin our trek through the busy city of Atlanta, Georgia, this mount came in so darn handy.

Simply clip it to the air vent adjacent to the steering wheel of your vehicle.

Attach your cell phone to the magnetic circle and you have a hands-free way of viewing your device.

Unsure of the directions to your next destination? Purchase this magnetic cell phone mount and attach your phone or navigation device.

Now that you’ve got the down-low on the best travel products, time to start planning your next family adventure!

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