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Discover the best tips for visiting SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee.

There’s nothing like a thrilling waterpark to amp up the fun on your family vacation – especially when it’s located directly inside your hotel!

Located at Nashville’s famous Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, SoundWaves is a modern, world-class waterpark that the whole family will love.

In this post, we’re sharing our top tips for visiting SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland, including what to bring, and everything you need to know before you go. 

Learn all about SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center from top U.S. family travel blog, Travel With A Plan!

About SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland

SoundWaves is a unique, 3-level, upscale, indoor/outdoor waterpark located at the famous Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

The most unique thing about SoundWaves is its sleek interior complete with modern amenities and gorgeous living plant walls and waterfalls.

It includes water slides, play areas, activity pools, both an up and down-tempo lazy river, as well as an adult-only pool and pool deck.

There is also a FloRider surf simulator, cabana rentals, dining options, gift shops, and seasonal live music to enjoy!

It is important to note that SoundWaves is only accessible to Gaylord Opryland hotel guests and is not open to the general public.

The only way to guarantee entrance into SoundWaves is to choose the SoundWaves Water Experience package when booking overnight accommodations at Gaylord Opryland.

Day passes may be offered based on availability to other overnight hotel guests on a first-come, first-served basis, but are not guaranteed.

Additional planning tip: Though the waterpark is open most days from 10 AM to 8 PM, it is important to check the operating schedule for times, closures, and indoor/outdoor specifications.

Learn all about SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center from top U.S. family travel blog, Travel With A Plan!

A Note about Gaylord Opryland

Gaylord Opryland is an amazing hotel and convention center located in Nashville, Tennessee!

It is our #1 recommendation for places to stay when visiting Nashville with kids, couples, and older adults who want to avoid staying downtown.

A hotel so big that it has its own app and map to get around, SoundWaves waterpark is only one of the many amazing amenities at Gaylord Opryland.

Instead, this elaborate venue is home to 2,800 guest rooms, over 9 acres of lush, indoor gardens, multiple restaurants and retail shops, and even an indoor river!

Though not located within walking distance to Downtown Nashville’s Honky Tonk Row, Gaylord Opryland is only steps away from the Grand Ole Opry, Opry Mills Mall, General Jackson Showboat, and more.

*Check rates and read more about the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center here.

You’re gonna love it there!

SoundWaves waterpark in Nashville, Tennessee

Best time to visit SoundWaves Water Park

The SoundWaves Gaylord Opryland waterpark is kept at 84 degrees indoors year-round, so you really can’t choose a bad time to visit!

During the warmer months of Memorial Day through Labor Day, the resort opens its outdoor water park giving access to additional slides, pools, and other outdoor attractions.

Though you only have access to the indoor waterpark in the winter, Nashville is a truly magical place to visit through the colder months so I wouldn’t let this deter you.

For instance, there are several things to do in Nashville at Christmas as well as many events put on at the Gaylord Opryland during all months of the year.

Plus, there is enough to do at SoundWaves to make spending a day or two here a vacation in itself.

SoundWave waterpark at Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee - wristbands

Tips for Visiting SoundWaves Waterpark

As one of the best things to do in Nashville with teens, as well as with kids of all ages, we loved our experience visiting SoundWaves waterpark!

Before you arrive, these are the things you’ll need to know to ensure the best trip possible!

1. Book in advance

Entry to the Soundwaves waterpark is only guaranteed through booking an “experience package”.

These packages include a room at the hotel, full access to the SoundWaves waterpark via an entry wristband, and optional cabana rentals.

They also offer seasonal deals for pre-bookings as well as discounted military, teacher, and local resident packages.

Learn all about SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center from top U.S. family travel blog, Travel With A Plan!

2. Bring sunscreen

While Soundwaves is primarily an indoor park, sunscreen is still a necessity!

This is because SoundWave’s unique roofing system allows UV rays to permeate into the park. 

(Yes, you can sunbathe -or burn- at SoundWave!)

The waterpark also has plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights which let in lots of natural light.

Protect your family from sun damage by reapplying sunscreen regularly in the outdoor water park as well as when inside. 

Other things to bring to Soundwaves waterpark include:

  • Sunglasses and a hat for sun protection.
  • A one or two-piece bathing suit (cut-offs and thong swimwear are not permitted).
  • Cover-ups, shirts, and shoes (required in all resort public areas outside of SoundWaves).
  • Guests may bring their own Coast Guard-approved life jackets or puddle jumpers, though they are provided on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • A personal neck fan (some guests report higher temperatures in the summer when UV rays are high).
  • Guests are allowed to bring 1 unopened plastic water bottle (20oz or smaller) per person. Drink containers or tumblers (e.g., Tervis, Yeti, etc.) must be emptied prior to entering SoundWaves.
  • Items for relaxation: books, headphones, portable chargers, etc.
  • Note: Towels are provided but cannot leave the waterpark area.
Kiddie area at SoundWaves waterpark

3. Find fun for the little ones

Kids of all ages will enjoy SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland and there are special attractions designed with the little ones in mind. 

Attractions that are suitable for younger children include:

  • Half Note Cove – A play structure with multiple levels, small and medium slides, spray features, and a shallow pool.
  • Groovin’ Lagoon Activity Pool – Kids will love the rock wall, basketball hoops, water curtain, and lily pad walk.
  • Quarter Note Cove – A safe and fun splash pad that is perfect for young children. 

Additional planning tip: Children ages three and under don’t require a wristband to use the waterpark. 

Also, note that all water attractions, even the kid-friendly ones, require adult supervision. Use them at your discretion.

4. Consider a private cabana 

For guaranteed seating and to best enjoy your SoundWaves experience, consider renting a private cabana for the day.

This will give you a chance to relax in a shaded area, hydrate, and recharge for even more fun. 

You can even purchase food and beverage services for an extra bit of luxury. 

Additional planning tip: For big groups, you can rent conjoining cabanas for 12 guests or a party room for up to 30 guests. 

waterslides at SoundWaves waterpark

5. Find your thrill

For the thrill seekers out there, Soundwaves Water Park has adrenaline-pumping slides that are sure to be the highlights of your day. 

The best part of these rides is that, for many of them, you can choose your intensity based on your age, comfort, and ability. 

Soundwave’s most thrilling attractions include:

  • Stage Dive – A body-slinging slide that can be experienced with LED lights or in the dark for a more exciting ride.
  • Rapid Remix – A family-friendly raft ride that fits 4-5 people. You’ll slide through vortex loops complete with electrifying music and LED lights. 
  • Crowd Surfer – A double FlowRider surf simulator where you and a friend can surf at the same time!
  • Up Temp Rapids River – A rapid river lined with spray features and waterfalls. 
  • Record Launch – Choose between a classic serpentine tube ride or an intense tubing bowl complete with music and LED lights. 

6. Get outdoors

Through the summer months, SoundWaves waterpark opens up an outdoor area with additional seating, cabanas, and even more attractions!

If you’re visiting in the warmer months, here are the water rides that you can expect:

  • Beat Drop – Riders will experience a sudden floor drop, descending through a tunnel and finishing with a fast looping waterslide. 
  • Rock’N Racer – Family members can choose their lane and race to the bottom of these waterslides. The slide itself has 360-degree loops to keep the suspense going!
  • Rising Stars Stage – An all-ages kid’s play structure that includes a shallow pool, spray features, and several small-medium waterslides. 
  • Bass Drop – A thrill ride to its core, this open-flume water slide sends you on a six-story free-fall at an extremely high speed!
  • Tidal Track Wave Pool – This pool covers a gradual 6-foot depth, with hundreds of feet of shoreline and regular waves coming every 10-15 seconds. 
  • Diamond Pool – This is an adult-only pool for ages 18 and up. 

7. Visit the gift shop 

There are two gift shops located in the Soundwaves waterpark for convenient shopping whenever you need it. 

These are great places to grab any forgotten supplies you need to best enjoy the waterpark.

Stop here to stock up on sunscreen, hats, sandals, towels, sunglasses, and water bottles – basically anything you’d need for a wonderful day in the sun and water.

Learn all about SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center from top U.S. family travel blog, Travel With A Plan!

8. Relax on the lazy river

After a day of food, thrills, and endless water fun, finish your experience with a relaxing ride on the Down Tempo Lazy River. 

This classic tube ride provides a calm float through rock features, LED lights, and music. 

If you’re not in the mood for big slides, this is the perfect ride for you! 

9. Check out all the levels

SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland provides 3 levels of fun!

Level 1: The Bass-ment: Free-to-enter, pay-to-play arcade with VR games, game tables, and a rock climbing wall. Accessible to all hotel visitors.

Level 2: SoundWaves waterpark slides and water play areas.

Level 3: An adult-only area for guests ages 18 and older that includes an infinity pool, bar, and comfortable lounging chairs.

Learn all about SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center from top U.S. family travel blog, Travel With A Plan!

Additional Tips for Visiting SoundWaves Gaylord Opryland

  • Check in to the hotel as early as possible on your day of arrival so you can get the most out of your SoundWaves experience. You can enjoy the waterpark as soon as you check in and get your wristband!
  • Waterpark seating is first come, first served. Get to the entrance of the waterpark 30 minutes before opening time if visiting during peak season or during a holiday weekend. This will ensure that you beat the crowds and get a good spot to sit.
  • SoundWaves wristbands deactivate at 12 PM on the day that you’re scheduled to check out. As long as you stay in the waterpark, you are fine to enjoy everything until whenever you leave.
  • Alcoholic drinks are very expensive at SoundWaves, but the Pina Coladas are amazing, nonetheless.

Best food at SoundWaves Water Park 

Note that when you’re visiting the waterpark, no outside food or beverages are allowed inside.

Luckily, there are several dining options onsite to help keep you fueled throughout the day. 

In addition to the on-site eateries, we recommend you pack an empty, refillable water bottle per person for easy refills and ample hydration. The park is strict about these rules, so it’s best to follow suit!

When you’re ready for a meal, head over to Decibels, the waterpark’s largest restaurant. Decibels has an extensive menu with several kid-friendly options so that everyone can enjoy a tasty bite. 

The menu offers casual fare with options for sandwiches, burgers, wings, and salads. Try a classic grilled cheese sandwich or a plate of delicious hot honey chicken sliders. 

For lighter fare, try one of their small plates, like their hummus served with olive oil, veggies, pita chips, and roasted peppers. 

And don’t forget to round off your meal with an ice cream cup or bar – perfect for a day of fun in the sun!

More Experiences at the Gaylord Opryland Resort 

If you’re staying at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, there are several more exciting amenities for you to explore. 

  • Live entertainment – The convention center often hosts concerts, comedy shows, and more live entertainment. 
  • Recreation – Enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, luxurious spa treatments, and a fitness center. 
  • Seasonal events – Throughout the holiday season, you can expect heart-warming Christmas celebrations, including lights and festive activities offered to all guests. 
  • Boutique shopping – Search for the perfect souvenir with several shops to peruse, including jewelry, clothing, and gift shops. 
  • Dining – You can find several eateries located at the resort, from casual bites to fine-dining experiences. 
  • Gardens and Atriums – One of the resort’s best features is its gorgeous atriums, filled with immaculately kept flower gardens, trees, and other plants. There are even waterfalls and riverboats to enjoy. 

Conclusion: Soundwaves at Gaylord Opryland

That rounds off all of our top tips for visiting SoundWaves waterpark at the Gaylord Opryland Resort!

We hope you enjoy their upscale water features, from thrilling drop slides to the relaxing lazy river. 

If you have any further questions about SoundWaves waterpark, the Gaylord Opryland Resort, or general Nashville travel, please leave them for us in the comments down below. 

Happy travels!

*Before leaving, be sure to check our Travel Resources Page to find our exclusive travel discounts and to book hotels, rental cars, and guided tours.*

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Learn all about visiting SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center from top U.S. family travel blog, Travel With A Plan!

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